Les enfants d’Adam

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Les limites du bruit possible / The limits of possible noise



A STORY JONES written & directed by Scott Shannon In memory of an Unseen Shadow Wednesday, 8 May 2019, 7:30 pm A STORY JONES is  celebrating the life and spirit of a Shadow who stepped into the light, our friend Andrew Jones. JONES is...

Singin with the band

June 7th - 7pm / 7 Juin - 19h The Codiac Concert Band is pleased to present an exceptional evening with our special guest, Christopher Alan Graves. Christopher comes to us on the heels of two successful years of being...

Who’s Under Where ?

A new comedy presented by Hairy Tease Productions This very funny adult comedy by Marcia Kash and Doug Hughes is guaranteed to tickle Moncton's collective funny-bone. Jane and Sybil are on the verge of making the deal of their lives. They’ve...