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INVEST in arts and culture is being a contributor to the overall vitality of our community.

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A major player in the evolution and excellence of the performing arts on the French-language landscape for over 40 years, this theatr is the leader in the creation and development of authors and dramaturgy in l’Acadie.

5 components :

  • producing New Brunswick and Acadian plays
  • touring productions throughout the region, the province, and the country
  • presenting performaces from far and near
  • offering ongoing professional artistic development
  • supporting the development of new works by Acadian playwrights.


Campaign Chair ANDRÉ VINCENT


For nearly 40 years, théâtre l’Escaouette has been a leader in the performing arts in our community. Over the years, it has embodied a culture that has become vibrant, dynamic and open to the world. Generations of artists have performed on their stage, where we discovered many talented emerging artists, who then take to the road with touring productions to share their magnificent creativity with the rest of Canada. Performances that move us, force us to reflect and leave us feeling fully engaged.

Théâtre l’Escaouette is a true institution. It is a symbol of pride that must be sustained and preserved. Arts and culture help enliven our communities and enable them to thrive. That’s why the future of théâtre l’Escaouette concerns each and every one of us. I am proud to be part of this campaign, not only to help recognize its four decades of great achievements, but also to support its continued existence that will allow us to applaud its artists for many years to come.


Honorary Chair
Antonine Maillet
Campaign Chair 
André Vincent- Assomption Vie

Marie-Claude Belanger-Richard Q.C/ c.r.
(Droit Veritas Law)
Dr Robert Campbell
(Mount Allison University)
Dre Janice Cormier
Rejean S. Després
(Banque National du Canada)

Dallas McCready
(Inversa Systems Inc)
Christian E. Michaud Q.C./c.r.
(Cox Palmer)
Brian F. P. Murphy Q.C./c.r.
(Forté Law Droit)
Raymond Roberge
(Delta Hotels Beausejour)

Raymond Théberge
(Université de Moncton)
Mme Sophie Thériault
(Province du Nouveau- Brunswick)
Dr Christl Verduyn
(Mount Allison Universtity)


Arts and culture:

  • Foster innovation and creativity;
  • Reinforce the co-operation and networking in the community;
  • Encourage partnerships;
  • Generating citizen engagement that enables social cohesiveness;
  • Promoting mutual assistance and volunteerism across generations;
  • Attract a qualified, educated workforce to the area;
  • Provide a competitive advantage to a region by creating community identity and uniqueness.

Our campain benefits youth by:

  • Improving their self-confidence and motivation;
  • Developing innovative thinking and problem solving skills to improve academic performance;
  • Promote their identity by encouraging youth to discover their culture;
  • Facilitate the development of their leadership skills.

Our campaign benefits seniors by:

  • Providing opportunities to be socially active, thereby reducing isolation, by attending performances;
  • Helping them build strong connections to their community and culture through volunteerism;
  • Improving their health and well-being through community engagement in the arts.

Economic benefits:

  • Creating jobs;
  • Stimulating economic activity and creating significant profits;
  • Helping the community become a destination for cultural tourism;
  • Generating substantial economic impact (Each $1 invested can generate up to $3 in economic activity).


By choosing to be a cultural benefactor, you become part of théâtre l’Escaouette’s history and its journey for generations to come.

The Foundation of the Théâtre l’Escaouette will apply to the Canada Cultural Investment Fund for a matching funds program which would contribute up to one dollar for each dollar raised.


All contributors will be honored on our website.

Donations exceeding $ 1 000 will benefit special recognition program. Please contact us for more information.

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