– IMPACTfest | An evening of dance with choreographers Jera Wolfe & Lydia Zimmer

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An evening of dance with choreographers Jera Wolfe & Lydia Zimmer

Presented by Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada IMPACTfest

Photo credit: Jeremy Mimnagh and Drew Berry

Thursday, September 14 at 7:30 p.m.



First act:

Jera Wolfe presents: About the dream and Likeness

About the dream

Choreographer & Performer: Jera Wolfe

Poet & Performer: Natasha Kanapé Fontaine


Choreographer: Jera Wolfe

Performers: Miyeko Ferguson and Roberto Soria

Music: Forgive by Dobrawa Czocher, Timelines by Dobrawa Czocher, Ouverture by Hani Rani and Dobrawa Czocher, Mirror by Perter Gregson, Breathe by Perter Gregson


In collaboration with the multi talented, versatile dancers of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada and costume designer Kate Mitchell, Lydia Zimmer has woven an abstract world of oddities, highlighting the power of movement harnessed by individual interpretations of music and mystery.



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506 855 0001 – extension 207.

Additional information

Aabout the dream – is a dance exploring the ideas of reconnection and remapping of ones self. Ajourney of reclamation told through the poetry of Natasha Kanapé Fontaine.

Likeness – The word explores the theme of perception; examining the ways in which we build and promote a version of ourselves, and how this compares to the ways in which we are seen by others. When are these versions of ourselves in alignment and when so tensions exist between them? Likeness was originally commissioned and part of Citadel Dance Mix 2022- performed Fall of 2022 at the Cital + Compagnie in Toronto, ON.

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