– Project Monarques | September 30th

2023-2024 Season

Project Monarques by Angèle Séguin and Amélie Bergeron

A production of the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes

Photo | Jessica Garneau

September 30th at 2:30 pm in English

1er octobre à 14 h 30 en français >>>



In order to show our gratitude for the service of veterans and their families (who established the building on Botsford Street in which we operate) and to make theatre accessible to all, we are offering pay-what-you-will admission to both performances of Projet Monarques.



On stage, five figures condense the voices of hundreds of veterans, military men and women and their loved ones: five lines of life like so many stories testifying to the daily life of these people, affected in different ways by operational stress injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

 » Every year, a generation of migratory monarch butterflies is born, equipped to make a long and perilous journey that can reach several thousands of kilometers. An ordeal that will cost the life of many, but which will allow the following generations to be born and to live. It is this long journey – demanding, out of the ordinary, marked by elusive and transformative traumas that inspired the title of the Monarques Project. » – Angèle Séguin.



2:30 PM


THE CHAPLAIN | Armed Forces Chaplain and veteran Sylvain Massé

THE MILITARY | Regular Force Woman and Veteran Emmanuelle Laroche


THE RESERVER | Male Reserve Force Veteran Étienne D’Anjou

THE SPOUSE | She also speaks for her family Ann-Catherine Choquette


Co-authors : Angèle Séguin and Amélie Bergeron

Dramaturgical advisor : Paul Lefebvre

Translation : Harry Standjofski

Director : Amélie Bergeron

Assistant Director : Rose-Lilas Bastien-Turgeon

Lighting design : Andréanne Deschênes

Costume Design : Sébastien Dionne

Music design : Maxime Racicot

Production Manager : Andrée-Anne Pellerin

Technical director : Alexandre Paquette

Stage Manager : Rose-Lilas Bastien-Turgeon

Poster design : Frédérique Giguère

Cultural mediation : Angèle Séguin and Frédérique Giguère

Development agent : Marie-Soleil Beaupré-Savard

Communications Officer : Mégane Lortie

Media Relations Officer : Marie-Anne O’Reilly

Visual design : Strass

Photos : Jessica Garneau

Video capture : Pierre-Luc Racine and Matthew Gaines

Artistic Director : Angèle Séguin

General direction and co-artistic direction : Kristelle Holliday

Pivotal agent : Amélie Poulin


Initiated in 2017 at the request of veterans and military families, Project Monarques is a bilingual  pan-Canadian theatrical project that addresses the operational and post-traumatic stress injuries experienced by Veterans and military personnel, and the countless impacts on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In order to meet them, Angèle Séguin uses the dramaturgical process of the Great Harvest of Words. Between February and

May 2021, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, the writing workshops made it possible to meet more than 200 veterans, military personnel and their loved ones in order to lift the veil on their realities and sufferings. They dared to break the silence to give us more than a thousand pages of strong and evocative words. It is their words that immersed the theatrical work, co-written by Angèle Séguin and Amélie Bergeron, with the contribution of Paul Lefebvre, dramaturgical advisor. The first public performance of PROJECT MONARQUES took place on November 8, 2022, at the Maurice O’Bready Hall of the Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke. More than a simple theatrical event, the show aims to initiate a real conversation between the civilian and military worlds.


“It really made me reflect. After 35 years we think we’ve seen it all, but it opened my eyes to realities I hadn’t even considered within my own family. All of a sudden I found myself thinking of what I had asked of them over the years.”
Life has its share of wounds. Each of us carries our own. Sometimes the scars have faded with time. Sometimes they are still visible to the naked eye. Sometimes they still take up all the space in the way we look at ourselves. They end up blurring the view and prevent you from living. One can then remain confined in the pain. If no one around you really understands it, this confinement becomes a prison. But if we can share it with others, open a breach in this pain, then it can become the ground for a new life
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