Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ

2 show package
📸 Anne-Marie-Baribeau

Aalaapi « to be silent so beauty can be heard »

Created by Le Collectif Aalaapi inspired by Un documentaire sonore de Magnéto

  • Thursday, February 24 at 7:30pm

  • Friday, February 25 at 7:30pm

Set in Nunavik, and ingeniously combining the aesthetics of radio and theatre, Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ is a collectively created piece where the spectator finds himself as a foreigner travelling north of the 55th parallel. With their senses aroused, the viewers are positioned as voyeurs, witnessing the lives of two Inuit women, whose realities they know very little. They are invited to listen with patience to gain access to this foreign world. Originally created as a documentary podcast, the project tells the tale of young Inuit women who talk about their lives between Montreal and Nunavik, their aspirations, their past, but above all, their present and their future.

Show in French / English / Inuktitut and perfectly accessible to both French and English speakers in its original format.

Suitable for 10 yrs & older.

Tickets are also available by phone
506 855 0001 – extension 207

📸: Anne-Marie-Baribeau

Aalaapi ᐋᓛᐱ urges us to slow our inner rhythms and enjoy the richness of story and silence.


Produced by Collectif Aalaapi
Original idea Laurence Dauphinais + Marie-Laurence Rancourt
Directed by Laurence Dauphinais
Radio documentary directed by Magnéto –Marie-Laurence Rancourt + Daniel Capeille
Performed by Angel Annanack + Nancy Saunders
Set Design Odile Gamache
Lighting Design Chantal Labonté
Music Antonin Wyss
Sound and Video on tour Joël Lavoie
Video Guillaume Vallée
Other members of the collective Audrey Alasuak + Mélodie Duplessis + Caroline Jutras Boisclair + Samantha Leclerc + Louisa Naluiyuk + Akinisie Novalinga
Assistant Director Charlie Cohen
Set Design Assistant Nancy Saunders
Translated by Brett Donahue + Nicolas Pirti-Duplessis
Animation Camille Monette-Dubeau
Tour Manager Charlotte Ménard
Technical Director and Lighting Manager on tour Chantal Labonté
Stage Manager Amélie-Claude Riopelle + Charlie Cohen
Production Director of the original version Letícia Tórgo

Production and touring La Messe Basse
Created in association with Magneto
With the support of Nouveau Chapitre
Creative residencies Quai 5160, maison de la culture de Verdun + Ateliers de LA SERRE – arts vivants + Conseil des arts de Montréal

“ Aalaapi aims to break stereotypes and defy the sensationalism that surrounds Indigenous people, revealing the complexity of identity and story that is so often denied public view. Aalaapi dives deep into the lives of modern Inuit women, exploring their desires and challenges. The performance not only explores the past of their communities, but also poses the characters as the carriers of hope for the future- there is much to be learned from these women, whose stories are so often neglected.” —Stir Publishing Vancouver Inc.

“[A] beguiling piece of documentary theatre… gives voice to the marginalised and opens our eyes and ears to lives far from our own.” —The Scotsman

“Constructed with skill and ingenuity… an absorbing and immersive piece of documentary theatre which demonstrates the true power of representation on stage.” —Le Devoir

“Experiencing Inuit life through the art of listening”—Xi Chen, The Source Newspaper