Gay Guerrilla – by Wind in the Leaves Collective

Rainer Soegtrop

Gay Guerrilla

by Wind in the Leaves Collective

  • Wednesday, September 22 at 7:30 pm 

Part of the Impactfest Festival, Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is proud to present: Gay Guerrilla by the Wind in the Leaves Collective. This is the final piece of the ‘Wind in the Leaves Collective’ full-length production entitled « Searching for Eastman” which is based on a book of poetry written by the collective’s artistic director, Charles C. Smith. This piece engages scenarios through the spirit of memories, sketched in poetry and drawn out through movement/dance, digital imaging and music.  as an immersive experiential approach, each section contributes to a collective eulogy, one built on astonishment at his untimely death along with memories of his greatness and his equally great self-destructiveness that was finally his undoing. Gay Guerrilla is the final act featuring his rebellion as warrior guerrilla, abandoned and alone, disappearing into the nebulous world of homelessness, drugs and alcohol.

General admission (but some language may not be suitable for all ages)

The show is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.

Tickets are also available by phone
506 855 0001 – extension 207