Générations campaign

escaouette generations campaign

For its 40th season, théâtre l’Escaouette  launches its GÉNÉRATIONS campaign
to “strengthen the present and lay a foundation for the future”

INVEST in arts and culture is being a contributor to the overall vitality of our community.

What is the goal of this campaign ?

  • Work with a wider range of Acadian artists
  • Offer sustained mentorship with young theatre companies, artists, cultural workers
  • Offer artist residencies
  • Support new or established authors in their professional artistic development
  • Increase our production capacity beyond the current constraints:
    • Produce larger scale plays
    • Further explore new forms and media
    • Share our productions beyond the borders of our region, and even in francophone countries around the world

Your contribution is essential and necessary for us:

  • To promote and protect our common heritage;
  • To help us make arts and culture more accessible;
  • To increase our region’s value and create positive spinoffs for everyone.

Double your investment
For each donation raised before december 1st The théâtre l’Escaouette’s Foundation will apply to the Canada Cultural Investment Fund for a matching funds program  which would contribute up to one dollar for each dollar raised

An endowment found?

The Générations Campaign organized by the Foundation of the Théâtre Escaouette will create an endowment fund; a long-term investment that will support the theatre as it fulfils its mission to the community.


Although l’Acadie cannot truly define itself as a country, Acadians have certainly gained the right to declare themselves a people. With a tragic, heroic and lively history, fraught with equal measures of courage, determination and humour, Acadians have built a proud and unsurpassed heritage that has stayed strong throughout the ages.

The Acadian people are now ready to reveal their culture to the world, and what better method than through theatre? The performing arts provide the means for people to express their joy at not only surviving, but thriving.

Théâtre l’Escaouette’s stage is well established on Acadian soil. It is a unique theatre that strives to pursue the mission of the followers of Champlain who created, four centuries ago in Port-Royal, the first – yes, the first – theatre company in North America.

Along with all those who love l’Acadie and theatre, I wish a long and successful life to théâtre l’Escaouette.

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